When the Loser Wins ! 

What is a Bad Beat Jackpot ?

A bad Beat jackpot is offered by PokamAAx when a very good hand loses to an even better one. Its a way to comfort the players and reward everyone at the table !

You can see the current state of the Bad Beat Jackpot on our website and PokamAAx software at all times. 


Stewart holds AA
Dante holds KK

The community cards are: K-10-A-K-A

Dante would have four of a kind Kings but still loses to Stewart who holds four of a kind Aces.

In this case, Dante receives 35% of the total jackpot, Stewart gets 20% and the rest of the players at the table split another 20%!

Video Example (Enable Flash): 


How is PokamAAx's Bad Beat Jackpot split ?

First, know that we have two Bad Beat Jackpots on our Hold'Em tables : The Miami Jackpot on $0,15/0,30, and the Vegas Jackpot on $1,50/3.

Then, here is how the Jackpot are divided : 

- 35% for the player who suffered the bad beat, i.e. had the second highest winning combination, at least four twos.

- 20% for the winner of the hand, i.e. The player with the highest winning combination.

- 20% shared evenly between the other players who were dealt cards that hand.

- 25% will be used as a basis for the new Bad Beat Jackpot.


Terms and Conditions

A winning combination of quad two's (2222) or better must be beaten.
The game must take place at the cash game tables marked as "Bad Beat".
At least 4 players must participate in the game.
The hand must be played until final card showdown.
The highest and the second highest winning combination must include both hole cards.

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