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Tournaments are the ultimate poker thrill. Whether you're competing for a few thousand or a few hundred thousand, there's nothing quite like the feeling you get when you outwit, out bet and outplay everyone else on the table and walk away with that massive jackpot.

What is a Tournament ? 

If you've never played in a poker tournament before, here's everything you need to know.
The concept of a tournament is very simple : once you buy-in to a tournament, you’re provided with a stack of chips and you have to win all the chips of your opponents. When this criterion is fulfilled by one of the players, the tournament is complete. But if you go bust (lose all your chips), you have to exit the tournament.

We offer Multi-table, Sit & Go, Heads-up tournaments in various Freeze-out, Re-buy and Shoot-out formats. We also offer satellite tournaments and guaranteed tournaments to gain entry into much bigger events and freerolls that cost nothing to enter.

Sit & Go (SnG)

Sit & Go tournaments do not have a scheduled start time. As and when the SnG table is full, the tournament will commence. You can check the Sit & Go tab for a selection of 6, 10 or 30 player SNG events.


Freerolls are multi-table tournaments without an entry fee. Freeroll tournaments provide an excellent means by which a player can learn poker or hone his skills. Check out the lobby for freerolls.


Satellites are tournaments which give entries into bigger tournaments (with bigger buy-ins) as the prize. Each satellite is tied to a specific poker event that will occur at a later date. When you win an entry in one of these special satellites you are winning a seat into the event that the satellite is tied to.

Deep Stacks

Deep stack tournament usually are normal tournaments with a large starting stack, generally of 5000 chips. In addition to a deeper-than-normal starting stack, most Deep Stacks events have larger intervals for each level.


Freeze-out poker tournaments have a set buy-in for entering and when you lose all your chips, you are eliminated out of the poker tournament. As players are eliminated, tables are combined with other tables until there is a final table and ultimately, one player left with all the chips.

Heads up

Heads up tournament as the name suggests is a contest between 2 players only. The rules are the same with Heads-up play with a minor change. The player with the "dealer button" posts the small blind and will act first pre-flop then last for the remainder of the hand. The player posting the big blind is dealt first.

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