Download PokamAAx Software
for Mobile Devices

We would like to provide you an opportunity to play your favorite games on PokamAAx not only at home, but wherever you want. Just download the mobile version of our client and experience real Poker Mobility on your personal device ! 


Step 1: Choose your Operating System

Android_Download_Button                 download-button

Once the app is downloaded to your device, tap the PokamAAx icon to launch the software.
If the Android version can not open after download, please try to open it from your Download Folder of your phone.
If this fails, please follow these instructions : How to Install APK Files on Android

Step 2: Create Your Account

Once PokamAAx app is open, click on "Create Account". This link will bring you to our website to complete your registration.
Please type in your information, tick the box, & click on Register.
You're in !

Step 3: Start Playing Poker !

Get back to your PokamAAx app and "Login" with your brand new PokamAAx account !

You will be prompted to complete your profile, do it now or later.

Start playing by selecting a table !

Know that you are given 1000 units of "Play Money" for you to get your hands on our software. To look for these free games slide the left-side menu to open PokamAAx's menu and select the type of currency "Play Money". Once you feel comfortable with the software, make a deposit to play poker.


The iOS version of our software, according to the Apple App Store conditions, does not allow you to play with real money.
However, you will be able to enjoy your Poker Games on the go using "Play Money", a virtual currency only used on PokamAAx.
If you wish to play with real money, please use any Android Device or Download our Software for PC or MAC.


Please contact us for any problem related to the use of your Mobile Software at
Our team will carefully consider all recommendations and find solutions to implement it in following updates in order to improve your experience. 


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