PokamAAx Crowns Rewards


When you start playing on PokamAAx, you receive points that you can save and trade for cash. 

It's simple : 1$ of rake generated = 1 point earned ! So, the more you play, the faster you'll reach the next level. The levels are:

Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Platinum, Diamond, and Elite


Details of our Crowns Reward System 

Once your have created your account through PokamAAx, you can start accumulating points. 

Then, the more you play, and the higher your stakes are, the faster you will accumulate points:

You start as "Iron", and as you level up you earn points faster, you level up faster and gain higher rewards faster.

 *By reaching Elite Level, you gain additional bonuses such as Live Tournament Tickets and Commission Free Bank Withdrawals.

How much are my Points Worth ? 


How do I get my Cash Rewards ?

It's easy ! You just have to exchange the points you have earned by clicking the Cashier button on the Software ! You will receive Cash directly on your Player's Account ! 

Find More Information Here


When do I get my Cash Rewards ? 

You can exchange your points instantly at any time of the month to obtain your Cashback !

However, we advise you to wait to hit the highest cash rewards as the Points/Cash ratio is more profitable !



How long is my Crown Level Valid ? 

Your Crown Level will reset at the beginning of each month. However, you do not lose the points already accumulated.



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