Frequently Asked Questions


How do I make a Deposit on PokamAAx ?

You can make a deposit on PokamAAx through our Agent System. Contact or visit this page for more details. 

What are my deposit limits ?

Your deposit limits depend on the deposit method. We can increase your deposit limits with verification process. You can do so by submitting photo ID, a proof of address and by verifying your registered email address.

Do I need to send Credit Card details by email ?

No. But security teams may request a scan of the card used to deposit you may block out the CVC details.

How long does it take to process my withdrawal ?

Times vary depending on the withdrawl method used. With Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Discovers/Diners cards transaction time is immediate. Neteller and Skrill transactions can take anything from 3-6 days.

Why is my credit card being declined?

The card details may not match those on your account. Please contact your credit card provider.


Can I transfer money to another player ?

Yes, player-to-player transfers are allowed. To transfer funds: 1. Select Cashier in the poker app 2. Select P2P transfer in the Cashier tab 3. Enter the username of your intended recipient Players in some locations may not be able to transfer funds or receive transferred funds due to local laws.


Can I share my account with someone else ?

Account sharing is strictly forbidden.

Can I have multiple accounts ?

No. If you suspect or know of a player using multiple accounts, please report them to our Customer Support team. 

What should I do if I change for my phone number ?

Message our customer support team with your new phone number. 

I forgot my username. What should I do ?

Please message the support team and provide them with two forms of identity verification and we will retrieve your account.

I lost my password. What should I do ?

Click "forgot password" and you will receive an email.

What should I do if I want to close my account ?

Send us an email to confirm you want to close the account and will close it for you.

Can two different people have accounts on the same computer ?

Two people can have two different accounts on the same computer but their Identities need to be verified seperately. However the players wont be allowed to play at the same table.

How do I update my Date of Birth ?

Please send your photo ID with the correct Date of Birth to customer support and we'll update your account.

What will you do with my personal information ?

Your personal information will be used to administer your account, maintain our accounts and records, monitor website usage, and inform you about products and services. Your information will remain on our property and will only be used for the purposes stated above.

I receive an error message notifying me that I am logged in on another device

If you receive an email like this then please contact customer support immediately. The common reason for this is a player left their accounts logged in while a server restart is taking place. Also if you frequently use a mobile and the desktop app make sure you log out of one device before switching to another.

Please message our customer support team. 


How do I check the status of my network connection from within the poker client ?

The network bar icon is in the top right corner of the client. Mouse over it to get a more detailed description of your connection. 


Why is my account inactive?

Please contact customer support : We will

What is a dormant account ? Why is my account dormant ?

If a player doesn’t use their account for over a year then their account will be deactivated and all funds will be forfeited, The player and customer service will be notified and the player will have 30 days to log into their account before fund will be forfeited.


How can I get emails in my preferred language ?

We can email you English or Vietnamese, we will reply in the language you use in your emails with us.

Why aren't I receiving your emails ?

Emails from us are always sent to the address with which you registered. There's are a few reasons why you might be experiencing this issue:
Check that the email address listed with your account details is correct and free from spelling errors.
Be sure to check your spam filter and any filtered additional mail boxes.
If you continue to experience problems receiving correspondence, try associating a different email address with your account.

I can't log into my email account, how can I access on my pokamaax account ?

Send/mail at least two verification documents to our Customer Support  Once we've established that we are in contact with the account owner, we'll help you access your account and set an alternative email address. 


What happens when you update the privacy policy ?
We reserve the right to amend, update or change any of the terms and conditions of the company Privacy Policy from time to time and you may be required to accept such changes to the Policy in order to continue playing on the site. 

How can I update or correct my personal information?
Go to cashier and select "My Profile". You may edit your personal information from there.   



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